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Work for the Best Boss

 (A Review about  Career Success Without a Real Job from a Publication in India After It Was Published in English by Macmillan India)

If, at work, you don't feel listened to, your work is unappreciated, you are underpaid, and you have been overlooked for a promotion while someone less creative and productive has been awarded the job, it is quite likely that you may begin to wonder why you are there.

In which case, you may be a prime candidate to join the league of the self-employed, and start working for 'the best boss in the world,' suggests Ernie Zelinski in Real Success Without a Real Job ( ). "As long as you work for someone else, regardless of how much money you earn, you will never be truly free," Ernie Zelinski bemoans.

"Contrary to what a lot of people believe, self-employment does not mean that you have to live in poverty. In fact, there is opportunity to end up being better off financially than 99 per cent of corporate workers."

Zelinski cites studies to state that individuals who go into business because they want to perform a service they love performing or selling a product they love selling make more money in the long term than individuals who go into business just to make money. 


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