Real Career Success        For People Too Smart to Work in Corporations


Irrefutable Signs That You Have Achieved

 Career Success Without a Real Job

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By Ernie J. Zelinski

Ah, career success without a real job — there is no life like it!

Career success without a real job is adventure, satisfaction, riches, and happiness all on your own terms! I can sing its praises as well as anyone. I have earned it, I am living it, and I am enjoying it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from.

Here is my list of

Irrefutable Signs That You Have Achieved Career Success Without a Real Job

  • You no longer know how to prepare for job interviews and don’t care that you don’t know.
  • You wonder why people get up before 9: 0 A.M.
  • Most people with real jobs criticize or envy you.
  • You rely on job ads rather than the Dilbert cartoon for your laugh of the day.
  • You are always the last one to know when there is a holiday for working people and you happily work your usual four to five hours anyway.
  • You don’t ever need any job references.
  • You no longer have a Daytimer because you forget to look in it after making an entry.
  • Multitasking means working on your laptop in a coffee bar for two hours and watching attractive members of the opposite sex at the same time.
  • You know what resume means but have completely forgotten what résumé means.
  • You are confident that you will have no problem adjusting to retirement.
  • You forget to set your clocks ahead or behind one hour and there are no consequences.
  • You realize that prosperity does not require hard work or having lots of material possessions — just creativity, personal freedom, and work that enriches you.
  • You have no financial problems because you save more money than most people who earn twice as much as you.
  • You can go a whole year without having to set an alarm clock.
  • You feel sorry for people who have to work at a real job — even those who earn a million a year.
  • You have great friends and spend a lot of time with them, even dropping your work entirely
    for two or three days when a friend from out of town comes to visit.
  • Working at your unreal job connects you to all that is bigger than you.
  • You enjoy your unreal job; thus, you can be both at work and not at work simultaneously.
  • You get much more enjoyment out of the work you do than from the monetary rewards.
  • You know you are no longer employable in a real job and don’t care.
  • You try to keep an open mind about hard-working lawyers, executives, and doctors but
    you still can’t help feeling just a bit superior.
  • You wouldn’t trade your present livelihood for anything else — bar none!



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Author of The World's Best Retirement Book

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