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From: Raul G.
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Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2006 11:37 PM
Subject: Joy of Not Working and Real Success without a Real Job
Dear Mr. Zelinski,

I just want to thank you so much for the insight these 2 books The Joy of Not Working and Real Success Without a Real Job) have given me. I read them both in the last 2 weeks. I happened upon Real Success Without a Real Job at Barnes and Nobel one day and purchased it and could not put it down, and with all the references to The Joy of Not Working I ordered that one on Amazon and promptly read that one very quickly as well!

I know I am enjoying and getting allot out of a book when I can read them so quickly I too was laid off at a Mortgage company in March of 2005 after working there for a second stint 5 years straight, I also worked there pre college for 3 years in the early 90's! I am 37 years old, still single but looking for the girl of my dreams, but also in a quandary of what to do to make a living, but have the leaserly lifestyle!

Soon after being laid off I also determined in my mind not to find a job again, but try various businesses, I had some real estate I was renting out, but was only covering my carry cost monthly but did have some 401K money I cashed in and a layoff package I cashed in, I enrolled in a stock trading course which in hindsight was way too expensive 20K all on the MasterCard.. and will finish the last class this week in Chicago (The Trading Pit) but nevertheless, trading for the last year and a half has now left me without any more cash flow, I have one more position I am hoping will return some income. Much more on this year and a half period later.

The position I am in now, is that I am selling my primary residence in Cedar park Texas on Nov 1st to an Australian couple who were the only offer on the house, I will gain about 12500.00 in proceeds of which I will pay my folks back about 3000.00,,,, I have the (dreaded) interview for a job on Tuesday morning before I fly out to Chicago for a firm that places people in Accounting jobs (40) hours / week type positions. However I do not look forward to get back to the corporate world! I have started a blog to get into the habit of writing to someday produce an ebook or books like yours to self publish.

I guess the questions I have are (HELP), I don't want to get into accounting field anymore....? I am over 120,000.00 in credit card that I cannot service any longer and am considering CH 7. I really hate to do this.

Also, was considering taking some of the proceeds of the sale of my house and buy a used 35 mm camera and start a business of some sort. (landscapes) framed and market on ebay or to corporations. I have no experience but love to drive out to the Texas hill country and explore the areas!

I just seemed to have struck a rock and a hard place of generating income,,, My trading has come to a halt but know that I want to try again one day when the funds are available.

I know this is long, but hope to begin some kind of dialog and advise or mentorship you may offer?

Thanks once again for the great books! I read every line, front to back!!!

Yours truly,

Raul. G


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