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This excerpt about  Career Success Without a Real Job comes from Leslie Whitaker written on the Philadelphia Inquirer website. You can read the whole article at Entrepreneur or Employee - Take Inspiration from the Success of Ernie Zelinski.


But what if my main motivation for becoming an entrepreneur is to work less and earn more?

Then you may take inspiration from the success of Ernie Zelinski, who realized such a thing was possible 25 years ago after he was fired from his engineering job for taking an unauthorized vacation. Currently self-employed as a writer and speaker, Zelinski has recently reissued his book, Career Success without a Real Job: The Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations. Zelinski claims that since that fateful firing, he has lived a happier, freer, more fulfilling life. He claims to make a "decent" living by working only four or five hours a day. He notes that a book he wrote in 1991, The Joy of Not Working, still earns him about $15,000 a year in royalties.

He agrees, however, that it takes enormous effort to get a new business off the ground. In fact he says it's important to "forgo the pleasures of today and think long-term." Other requirements include selecting work you truly enjoy and being willing to accept both rejection and getting paid sporadically. "Don't make your main purpose earning a lot of money," he writes.

Zelinski's view of an "ideal" business is one that is much like his own, which requires little start-up capital, low overhead, no employees and, with that, the opportunity to make money early on. Many areas that fit this description are information-related, such as consulting and event planning. He also lists "cool, unreal jobs," such as cabaret singer, game designer and massage therapist.

Whether you ultimately launch a new venture, carefully considering the pros and cons is a worthwhile exercise. Everyone should explore his or her entrepreneurial options periodically. It gives you valuable insights into your own character, abilities and potential roadmaps forward - all things that are worth a great deal.


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This excerpt about Career Success Without a Real Job comes from   Career survival: Two books, two tactics for job hunters  by Patricia McClatchy at Tribune News Service

Becoming the boss of your own destiny is the theme of Ernie Zelinski’s Career Success Without a Real Job. He should know. Twenty-five years ago, the author was fired from his engineering job. (He says the reason was because he took too much vacation time).

“Ordinary career success is a real good job, but real career success is a real good life,” Zelinski writes.

While Zelinski relates his own story, his 240 pages also include many stories of people who have willingly (or unwillingly) left the corporate world and who have attained extraordinary success. He includes many lists, such as “Top-Ten Ways to Make Money on the Internet.” And the book is dotted with highlighted quotes, providing such inspiration as “All the things I love is what my business is about” (Martha Stewart).

One chapter even outlines a work model for people who are “too prosperous” to “do” mornings and who want to make money while they sleep. (Hint: Internet businesses work for you 24 hours a day.)

Zelinski writes that, as he looks back, he views his pink slip as a “rose-colored ticket to freedom.” He says you can, too.

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The following excerpts about Career Success Without a Real Job come from the blog A Dawn Journal.

You can see the complete review on Career Success Review on A Dawn Journal.

Here are the excerpts:

Career Success Without A Real Job – ADJ Book Review

Difficulties I Have Reading Zelinski’s Book

Whenever I read Zelinski’s books, I get the feeling that he believes exactly what I believe in and we share the same perspectives on virtually anything you can possibly imagine – such as living with fewer possessions and living on your own terms. It is very hard to read and even review a book if it feels like you are the one who wrote or should have written this book – how can possibly you review your own book? I talked about this more in another post.

An Inspirational Book

Career Success Without A Real Job is mainly an inspirational book – it does not lead you to a specific roadmap for choosing your unreal job. However, it gives you enough information and resources to help you explore your best possible unreal job. The author provides many questionnaires throughout the book to help you recognize your career strengths, steps to create a dream career, questions to help you find your life’s calling, questions to test if you can be self-employed, characteristics to recognize an ideal business and much more. Also, in this book, the author provides lists mentioning 100 of the world’s coolest unreal jobs, top excuses to stay in the corporate world, advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed, lists showing why the corporate world isn’t all that as it seems, ways to sell information, and many more useful lists.

Some Important Highlights from Career Success Without A Real Job

Here are some highlights I must mention before I finish writing this review:

- Success as an entrepreneur takes time. Don’t expect to things to happen overnight.
- Achieving Career Success Without A Real Job is like climbing a mountain. There will
be risks, disappointments, and adventure.
- Ordinary individuals were able to achieve extraordinary success – and so can you.
- It’s never too late to pursue your dream career.
- The strongest single virtue for attaining success is self esteem – believing in yourself. – Believe in you, your dreams, your talent, and that it is possible for you to reach your
dreams. You will succeed.
- Don’t be afraid to spend money on your self-development and the stuff you need
along the way to reach your goals.
- Creativity is your best asset. Explore it, culture it, use it, and grow rich.
- Try to live with fewer possessions. Material possessions are an obstacle to set your
soul free and live a happy, unreal life.

My Take

This is a must-read book for everyone – even if you love your current corporate job and have no plans to quit for an unreal job. Who knows, maybe you will look at life from a different perspective after reading Career Success Without A Real Job.

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NB – I wrote this piece on a rainy, Saturday evening in a Starbucks on Eglinton Ave E and Warden Ave in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada. While I was writing this on my netbook, curious people were looking at the cover of Career Success Without A Real Job and me working on my netbook.



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